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Has your order “Fall-en” behind? As a general update, M&H Uniforms is working to fill all orders as quickly as possible.

We apologize in advance IF a portion of your order is delayed, and we appreciate your patience. The global shipping crisis has created some unexpected backorder situations that we are resolving as quickly as possible. It has been challenging to pinpoint our product delivery, but much of our backorder product is expected to become available shortly.

What to expect in the next 30 to 60 days

  • You may see some delays resulting from the global shipping crisis that is facing us all.
  • Certain items/styles/sizes may be limited in availability until the next delivery is received. Some deliveries are running between 4-16 weeks behind schedule.
  • Garments that are back-ordered, or require alterations (stripes, hemming, or adjustment), may be shipped separately.
  • If a partial shipment is sent, you will be notified of delivery on the paperwork indicating the product has been backorder.
  • We will process backorders as quickly as possible and an email will be sent when the balance of the order has been shipped.

  • Thank you for your understanding and continued support.






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