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Our History

The Murphy & Hartelius Legacy

Murphy & Hartelius/M&H Uniforms is a family run business, founded by businessman, William Murphy who began suiting pilots for their uniforms during their layovers at Shannon Airport in Limerick Ireland.  He was later joined in San Mateo, California, by his partner, Roger Hartelius who was a master tailor from Gothenburg, Sweden. Together Bill and Roger managed the uniform suiting of Pilots for United Airlines and World Airways, Panam and many more prestigious airlines.

As the business grew, Declan, Gene and Damian joined their father in the business and expanded by adding Flight Attendant and municipal uniforms to the pilot programs at M&H Uniforms. 

Today, Murphy and Hartelius/M&H Uniforms have moved a few miles north by the SFO airport.  We continue to be a family-owned business, operated by Bill Murphy’s grandchildren Aidan and Olivia. We still maintain the same philosophy passed down by our founders and are committed to providing our customers with the best uniform product, supported by the best service and price in the industry.

The M&H Customer Promise

  • - Provide excellent customer service to our customers large and small
  • - Never compromise on Quality
  • - Strive for Continual Improvements
  • - Earn customer reliability by exceeding their expectations.
  • - Believe in the success of our customers, employees, and M&H Uniforms

M&H has enjoyed the opportunity of working with some of the world's most prestigious companies, including producing United Airlines uniforms for over 60 years.

  • - Panam
  • - World Airways
  • - United
  • - Alaska
  • - NetJets
  • - Wien Air
  • - ERA aviation
  • - Penn Air
  • - Pride Air
  • - NY Jet
  • - Air CAL
  • - ACA
  • - Air Train
  • - Midwest Express
  • - ATA
  • - Aloha Airlines and
  • - Island Air
  • - PSA
  • - Allegheny Airways
  • - US Airways
  • - Republic Airways
  • - Trans meridian Airways
  • - Chautauqua Airlines
  • - Independence Air
  • - Western Pacific




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