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Thank you for wanting to understand more about our challenging times with this pandemic and our current delays.

As mentioned, demand has come back faster than our ability to replace inventory, which has resulted in challenges in three main areas: inventory, shipping, and call hold times.  


Global logistics and manufacturing delays are still heavily impacted by COVID‑19 in many regions. The good news is we have a large volume of inventory on the way or in production, which ensures we can fulfill your orders as soon as possible. And we will email you as soon as your order is shipped. 


We have been hiring all year, but in some of our locations, the incredibly competitive hiring environment means we just haven’t been able to hire as many people as we need. We will continue to hire as many people as we can until ship times are back to normal. 

Call Hold Times: 

With higher demands, new hires in the airline industry, and the extra calls we're receiving due to low inventory, you are experiencing longer hold times that don’t meet our service standards. I would ask for your patience and kindness for our customer service representatives, who are working incredibly hard to help you. 

We are as committed as ever to continue to provide quality products and quality customer service, and we thank you for your continued patronage and patience. 


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