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New Hire FAQ's

Welcome to M&H, and congratulations on your new hire position. These frequently asked questions should be helpful to get you started. 

Where can I get fitted?

1. Class Fittings: Announced and organized by your training department. 

2. One-on-one Fittings: Scheduled by making an appointment  make an appointmentWe have five locations from which to select. 

3. Self Fittings: Worksheets (malefemale), plus audio-video.

4. Email or Phone Support: | 800-888-9927

You may need larger sizes than at a department store as the uniforms industry is aligned with a military fit. (It isn’t you! 😊)

Can I mix and match fabrics, like Tropical or Sharkskin?
We recommend you purchase the same fabric in a jacket and pants for a perfect suit. Sharkskin is a little heavier (with a more formal look) than our Tropical weave (perfect for tropical climates and hot weather). Since they are weaved differently in production, they can have a slight color variation. 

Can I order extra garments?
If you would like to order additional pieces, you must first submit your initial company issue.

What if I need my pants hemmed?
We can do that! Please select hemming (only enter inseam or outseam, not both) while choosing your pant size. If you order two pairs of pants, add two hemmings. In some cases, your employer may pay for hemmings. If there's an added cost, the total will be reflected in the drop-down menu as you select your hemming size. 

When and where will my order ship?
New Hire class delivery timelines are coordinated with your company. To be sure your order is shipped with the rest of your class, we recommend placing your order within 48 hours of receiving your invite.

What if I need an exchange?
When you receive your product, you should try it on immediately to see if you need to personalize the fit with alterations or a different size. Otherwise, you can process your exchange request online and purchase a discounted return label. Your box may contain additional return information. 

Can I get a personal fitting at any other location?
Yes, you can make an appointment for a personal fitting at a location near you. We have five locations from which to select.  

What if I have trouble placing an order or have more questions?
Please get in touch with us at or call us at 800-888-9927. Our business hours are M-F 9-5 PST.




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